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Hypnosis Is Safe & Effective
Hypnosis (also called hypnotherapy) has been called the oldest form of Western Psychotherapy. ​Hypnosis has been proven effective for a number of clinical issues, and in that sense is one of the most helpful therapeutic tools of a psychologist.  

There are a lot of myths about hypnosis.  Most have these been created by the media or stage hypnotists.  What is important to understand is that hypnosis is not about you losing control as a patient, but gaining more control over your mind and body through the process.

How Can It Help?
Hypnosis can work as a stand alone treatment, or as a tool to increase the effectiveness of psychotherapy.  Within therapy, the hypnosis intensifies the therapeutic relationship to work more precisely with your issues.  It has been said that normal psychotherapy is therapy with a spot light, but hypnosis is like therapy with a  laser beam.  

About the Process
In hypnosis, attention is more focused, usually inwardly, and difficulties can be worked on more intensely, often adding a swift resolution to a problem.  Hypnosis can also be used to intensify and increase access to creative or productive states of mind, and allow a person to more easily access them in their daily life.  


Not only can psychological issues and problems (anxiety, depression, trauma, pain management, behavioral change such as weight loss and cigarette smoking cessation) be worked on, but more positive aspects of life can be accessed, enhanced, and increased (creativity, academics, career goals, sports).  You see, hypnosis is a very versatile, clinical tool for life improvement.  

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