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About David Paul Smith, MA, PhD

Dr. Smith is a clinical psychologist and certified in hypnotherapy and neurofeedback. He lives in Chicago, IL. USA.  He received a degree from the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences involving a psychological anthropology study of traditional Native American healing.  He completed the work for a master of arts in the Divinity School, and completed the work for a masters and his Ph.D. in the Committee of Comparative Human Development in the department of Psychology at the University of Chicago. His dissertation involved the study of the spirituality and religiosity of an international sample of psychotherapists.


Dr. Smith is president and CEO of Integrative Psyche Services, S.C. he provides a practice that advocates a holistic approach in mental health and a person centered approach in broad based health psychology. He consults at several hospitals in the Chicago Land Area providing behavioral and psychopharmacological advice and support.  He has also worked as a therapist and psychodiagnostician in a variety of nursing homes and at Beacon Therapeutic Schools working with mental health issues of elementary school through high school students.

Presently, Dr Smith  works as a health psychologist in hospitals around Chicago, predominantly in the Behavioral Health department at St James Hospital in Olympia fields. In addition, he maintains a private psychotherapy practicer Wednesday through Fridays ih Hyde Park and Lincoln Square. A small part of his practice involves forensic psychology administering tests and psychological consultation for legal service. 

Dr. Smith is a part time faculty member in the Saybrook University College of Mind-Body Medicine.  He has worked for  the Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis and a faculty member on the Certificate in Advance Studies of Consciousness. He has also run workshops internationally and taught at Christ University in Bangalore , India. He has participated on graduate committees in India and Canada. He continues to present at conferences internationally on an annual basis.


Dr Smith has a background in psychological anthropology and ethnographic work in North America. He is a certified consultant in hypnosis through the Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH ACE). Finally, he is a member of the Forge Guild, an organization of academic, religious and health professionals dedicated to explore and promote sane spirituality.

Dr Smith continues to contribute to academic research involving mind-body medicine, consciousness studies and traditional healing. He has presented professional workshops in hypnosis, creativity and spirituality in the UK and India.

Dr. Smith is the editor of the International Journal of Traditional Healing: and Critical Mental Health, the Journal of the Society for Integrating Traditional Healing into Counselling, Psychology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.  A collaboration of the University of Toronto and Christ University, Bangelore, India.

You can obtrain a copy of issue 1 at the following link.



University of Chicago


Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy), Committee on Human Development/ Mental Health Research, Department of Psychology. Dissertation title: “Patterns of Religious Experience Among Psychotherapists and Their Relation to Therapeutic Orientation”.  (Completed: December 1998)


M.A. (Masters of Arts), Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences, Department of Social Sciences   Thesis title: "A Contemporary Psychoanalytic Interpretation of an Ojibwa Sweatlodge".  (Completed: June 1989)

Masters Thesis # 2, Religion and Psychological Studies, Divinity School.  “Essay on Religious Studies in the Modern World” (Completed: May 1990)

Masters Thesis # 3   Committee on Human Development/ Committee on Mental Health. Department of Psychology.  Trial Research title:  "The Meanings and Importance of Religious Experience: a Comparison of Mental Health Professionals and Others".  (Completed: August 1996)


Illinois School of Professional Psychology

 Post Doctoral Psychopharmacology Certification Program. Chicago, IL.  (Course work completed, certification incomplete)


University of Massachusetts


B.A. (Bachelor of Arts), Cum Laude.  University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. Bachelor Degree with Individual Concentration and Honors Program, Self designed major in: "Psychology and Religion." (Completed: February 1985)  Graduate level training in, "Applied Behavioral Analysis", dept. of Psychology (September 1983-June 1984)

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